She Was Always A Stunner. 12/09/1991 - 12/06/1998

Jo was born on the 12th September 1991, we had mated her mum

Saturday Girl at Marbelton (Who was phillips show dog) to a
red and white dog called Landermere Louis JW.(Owned by Terry and Julie Mills).
Gina did us proud with her first litter and produced all girls (6), from this we kept 2 bitches
I had chosen the red and white (jocanter) who we named Valdenton What A Stunner
and phillip wanted to keep the dark brindle and white (Becky) who was called Valdenton Cover Girl,
The two girls were like chalk and cheese Jo was such a show girl and took to it like a duck to water,
while becky was never that keen.
At their first open show at maidstone Dover & Deal CS at the end of March l992 jo won the puppy class and BPIB
and becky got third (she was always the bridemaid) after a few more open shows we decided to try them at a ch show,
We took the girls with Tammy (Valdenton Dark and Trendy) to their first chapionship show the Anglian Boxer Club Show at peterborough the Judge was the well respected breed specialist Mrs Billie McFadden from the USA ,
and jo delighted us all by winning the minor puppy bitch class (out of any entry of 27) we had done it qualified her for crufts (GREAT).Unfortunally becky did not do as well, but tammy pulled out all the stops and came 2nd in Limit bitch
(That qualified her for crufts for life) once again there was a huge class of 28 dogs, what a fantastic day ,
It was as I took jo out to be clean that I had an accident and fell down a hole injuring my leg very badly,
how on a earth was I going to show her in the challenge. Everybody tride to show her but to no avail she wanted her mum
not a stranger,It was then Margaret Hood (Sharmdise Boxers) came up with the idea I could stand her
and she would move her, OK I thought, Well we all lined up on the mat and along came the judge
she asked me to move jo and I handed the lead to margaret jo went up the mat very unwilling but came storming back,
that's blown it I thought she moved far to fast, god was I wrong, The judge gave the CC to Ch Tonantron Glory Lass
(Who is the breed record holder) and the RCC to Jo (This qualified her for crufts for life and she wasn't even 8 months old) I was GOBSMACKED. even the ride in the ambalance (with the lights on) went in a blur all I could think about was jo and
what a fantastic dog she was.
I must thank Margaret, Heather Ball and Terry & Julie for getting me phillip and the dogs home that night, what great mates.
Jo did really well in the ring, in her first 6 months and ended her puppy career with
13 Best Puppy in Breed awards, 1 Best of Breed, 2 Reserve Best of Breed and of course a RESERVE CHALLANGE CERTIFICATE.
She continued her winning ways, but it was in the august of l993 that she took us by surprise,
we had taken jo ,becky ( We hoped that She was in whelp to Genisus Turn it on again (Herbie) and tammy over to
southern Ireland for the munster circut (4 championship shows in 7 days) The hospital had told me that my mum need to convaless as she had been in hospital for 3 months fighting cancer and she had also had a brain tumor removed,
I could not think where to take my mum at such short notice and what would we do with the dogs most kennels would be full ,
it was while I was reading in the dog world that I noticed an article about the munster circut, perfect I thought mum and dad could relax while philip and myself could do the shows and best of all we could take the dogs.
Margaret Hood said she would look after gina and spice in her kennel for us,
we had to move fast the dogs needed to be registered with the Irish Kennel Club and entered at the shows,
we also needed a place to stay with the dogs. but all we could find was a travel lodge in Cork
but they would let us take the dogs in the rooms,
so with all this done and a van hired (we could not get everything into the estate car) off we went.
At the first show Clonmel and District Canine Club, Tammy won the Graduate Bitch Class and the Reserve Green Star
but jo got a dissapointing 3rd in open bitch, under judge Mr. M.Forte (Dublin), Oh well I thought it was a good win for tammy maybe jo would do better at the next show and OH BOY did she.
after the fourth show we came home with 3 Green stars all with best of breed 1 group win and Reserve Best in show ,
she was over half way to her championship title. the bad news was that when I got home and rang the kennel club to ask what class did she go into at our championship shows, they answered OPEN BITCH.
oh god she was not even 2yrs old and Ch Glory Lass was in that class.
Now what did we do we could not afford to show her in both countries ,
and as she only needed another 14 points to become an Irish Champion we decided to try and make her up in Ireland
rather than do the shows over here.Easier said than done this took us another 2 years, but we made it in the end.
On the next page you will find some of her most merorable wins.
Jo was over 4ys old before we got her into whelp and produced a lovely litter to Sharmdise Fosters Double,
we kept 2 red and white bitches from that mateing Valdenton Oh So Stunning (Chantel) and Valdenton Such A Stunner (Elle) both girls did really well in the ring just like mum. Their litter sister Valdenton Just as Stunning
went to live with Mr Noel Casey (Jelcas Boxers) over in Ireland.
We sadly lost jo 3 months before her 7th birthday with a brain tumour, we tride everything we could to save her including takeing her to see a specialists in Cambridge but he assured us that it was inoperable,
it was only 2 days later that she slipped into a coma, we had her put to sleep to save her from further suffering,
it was such a waste of a dog's life, we only had her for a short time but did she leave her mark,
Her grandson Valdenton He Who Dares Wins Sh CM ( Bow) is so much like his looks and temperment.


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