History of the Boxer

 A Brief History of Our Beloved Breed.

DEVOTEES OF THE BOXER NEED TO BE fit to stand up to their charges; a gentle, meek Boxer does not exist; extrovert and energetic are two adjectives which spring to mind as soon as the breed is mentioned, along with loyal and fun-loving they make great family pets. Once converted to the Boxer, owners never give up the breed.
Home for the Boxer is Germany and behind the breed are believed to be dogs such as the Great Dane and the Bulldog. It is thought his name may have come from a corruption of the German word beisser, the Boxer being a refined version of bullenbeisser, meaning ‘bull biter’. The breed has been in its present form since the late 1800s and in Germany and America has its ears cropped (upright) but in Britain this is not so.
A guarding breed of a high order, the Boxer is intelligent and, with patient firmness, tractable, but he needs to be convinced of the rightness of what he is asked to do. On the other hand, he will enter into the spirit of the most riotous of family games.
Hardy and full of stamina, his idea of a country walk is to get as wet and muddy as possible, but the shortness of his coat permits easy cleaning.
A good trencherman, he is rarely finicky or faddy. Truly a delightful breed, he is not quick to pick a fight but ready to prove that his slightly pugnacious face with its upturned chin can be backed to the hilt.
Breed Group......... Working
Health Issues.......... Should be Heart Tested
Size......... Large

How much exercise.......... 3 x half hour walk's per day

Length of coat.......... Short

How much grooming......... Bath twice a year

Minimum Garden Size......... Reasonably Large

Faults......... Can Be Distructive if left for long periods.

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