Adult and older puppies

Not everyone wants to have an 8 week old puppy in their life,

this can be for various reasons,
sometimes you have a very busy lifestyle and just do not have enough time to
devote to training and bringing up a young puppy,
or maybe you work part time, therefore it would be difficult to juggle coping
with the necessary training that a young puppy would require.

We do sometimes have an older puppy or young adult boxer for sale to the

They are usually ones that we have run on to show,
you can have 2 really nice looking puppies at 8 weeks old and you cannot make
up your mind which one to keep,
this is when sometimes fate steps in and you find that,
that fab puppy just does not like showing,
so the best thing we can do is to find it a nice home where it will become
a much loved member of the family.

NOW it is not all plain sailing having an older puppy or adult,

YES they are house trained etc, but that was with us,

YOU will still need to train them to your ways and show them what is right and wrong,
IT is no use expecting them to know what you are thinking,
they are not mind readers.
So have patience and think of them as you would an older child,
one that has just left all it has ever known and come to
live with a family that it does not know,
Think how you would feel if this was you,
would you not be bewildered, scared and worried about what was happening.

With love and understanding and a lot of PATIENCE you can all live happy ever after,
and best of all you will have found someone that loves you no matter
what mood you come home with.

If this has not put you Off then do take the time to contact us,
we bet you will be glad that you did.

Please contact us for more information and a chat.

or go to to see her family.

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